Organization of the academy

Through the training center, the courses and the many programs and modules we have created for you, you will have the opportunity not only to gain the commercial skills and techniques of working on our courses, but also bring you the culture and psychology of thinking work of the stylist, beautician, hairdresser and make-up artist Vaska Leontic. Our courses are ready to be accepted and easily applicable, and at the same time designed and developed according to the needs of the modern way of thinking and applying to work.

Every student and candidate, anjeto your training, departs from us inspired, filled with passion for the future and commitment to technical excellence, acquired with the latest techniques and skills work.With you look forward and you can be part of our big family! Sincerely “Academy Leontic”

Teaching staff

The Private Center for Vocational Training “Academy Leontic” – Skopje starts ready with provided teaching staff according to the norm for teaching staff, both in the theoretical and practical part with a master trainer.

Within the organizational structure is the management team, which consists of the owner of the school’s director and a teaching coordinator.

Lecturers in practical work, according to the standards for teaching staff and training, are masters, and helpers in the salon training are assistants, that is, the employees who work daily in the salons and perform the salon work professionally.

The teaching staff and assistants in practical training are under the direction of the founder and director of the training center. The entire school training and all the skills and techniques of work are taught by master lecturer Vaska Leontic, who is the founder and director of this school.

Candidates have the opportunity to learn the style and techniques that are governed by Vaska Leontic, the way she manages the beauty salon, how to create and build a brand, and how to achieve a top career. After all, when parents start their children in the training center, their main goal and initial idea is for their children to follow the step, success, and style of work of the PCSO center. “Academy Leontic” and the firm of Salon Practice “Academy and Studio Leontic” – Skopje.

Our teaching staff can penetrate the artistic into you, to awaken your talents and opportunities. In this way, success is achieved; each student acquires and develops self-confidence that is the basis for contact with the client and the team with which he is working.


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